How to scale an entity without scaling the rest of the model?

I am sure it can be done as I have done it before. How do I scale an entity without affecting the rest of the model. Do I just turn off all other layers? Save the object/entity to layer 0 by itself & then scale? Maybe an edit group function to scale only the group?

make the objects a group, then enter the group, and then use the tape measure to pick a length, enter prefered measure with units, then accept the change, will affect all within the group

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Or just select the parts you want and use the scale tool.

Hey Box scaling will not affect the rest of the model. Of course not. and that is the answer because all you need to do is lay out the height/width with 3 construction lines to get the wanted size and then scale uniform to intersection & you got a perfectly scaled miniature. Sorry, I was up too late last night. Thanks to everyone for their reply. It was cabriole legs that needed scaling & unfortunately my mind was numb. I’m guessing newbies need to know though. Have a great day.

Do you know that you can scale in three directions at the same in one go (with the shift key)?
(I’ve typed 1m;1m;1m in the VCB…)

@cotty shift key sets up ‘UNIFORM SCALING’ for the whole object/entity. Very nice demo with the floating dimensions. Perfect. I actually used the tape tool to scale an imported image not knowing that I rescaled the whole model or should I say any layers turned on when working in layer 0. I had to close out the model & revert to the AutoSaved model because I went past the hundred un-does allowed. Scale tool should work fine if you use guide lines to snap to intersections then you can get it exact.

Scale tool is exact, simply type the size you want with the relevant unit.

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Excellent demo again with the dynamic dimensions and the scale input. Muchos mas gracias senior.