Apply Style Tool

I have found a chicken and egg situation where I cannot apply a style to a graphic in a group. As in selecting the eye dropper tool, it dropped the selection group and exited the group. But now I need to paint. I cannot paint. I need to eye dropper. But I cannot apply, because in a group.


Most LayOut tools are not fully functional inside a group - improving this is on our TODO list.

For now, you can access that same functionality from the “Edit” menu - specifically ‘Copy Style’ and ‘Paste Style’.


[quote=“Marc, post:2, topic:40540”]
improving this is on our TODO list.
[/quote] @Marc Yes please :grinning:

@My3Sons, I map a shortcut for this to: Other: Pick Style in the shortcut dialogue under preferences. This tool behaves similarly to the paint bucket tool but also has the added benefit of functioning while inside a group. ie click into group and select item you would like to change the style of, activate Pick Style shortcut, eye dropper is activated and you can click the object whose style you would like to apply to your selected object or group; you can even select an object’s style outside of your selected group. Hope that helps.

I think we really need to rethink the whole group concept. I’d love if LO had groups and components that worked similarly to in SketchUp, i.e. you can edit one and have all copies updated at once but also have the ability to save them as external layout files and import external layout files and place inside a document.

The more I’ve thought of it the more I’ve realized layers in LayOut is really what correspond mostly to SketchUp groups and components. Groups in LO doesn’t define own drawing contextes and don’t have attributes saved to them, they are just a way to select all entities at once by selecting one of them (as in Rhino). Maybe LO layers could be reworked to function more like groups/components in SketchUp and maybe the names of SU Outliner and LO Layers could one day be matched.