How to apply style to current selection?


I’m trying to apply a shape style to some lines that are selected…
But when i select the style tool, the selection is lost, and i get the picker tool.
I could swear i had already figured out how to “directly” get to the paint bucket, so i could apply to my selection what is currently “loaded” with the picker…

What am i overseeing?



Yes, but i don’t see how to apply styles to a complex selection…
What i read there, is how to sample, and then apply click by click.

That won’t work for me, because i first need to go into a group, select all, de-select some parts, and now, apply to that…


You could have mentioned that in your first post. Ungroup the entities and then adjust the style.


Sorry thought i did so…

So, there’s no way to apply style to an EXISTING SELECTION?
I thought i had seen/used that…


You didn’t mention that the entities were grouped.

You need to ungroup the entities before you can change the style of individual entities.


Right. but still, even on non-grouped entities:
If they are close together etc, it’s hard to get the right ones with the paint bucket…
That’s why i prefer to select some things, and then adjust the style. I can do this in the palette, change stroke, fill, etc. one by one for all my selection, but i thought the style-tool can do that too?
So again, IS IT REALLY NOT POSSIBLE to first select a bunch of things, and then apply? Even for non-grouped things?


Zoom in so the relative space between the entites is greater.

The Style tool (eye dropper) is used to sample the style applied to one entity and apply it to another entity. It does it one entity at a time. If you want to change the style for multiple entities en masse, select them and edit the style in Shape Styles.

Not with the eye dropper.


The sample/apply tool is good for single entities. For your case, you may find what you need in the Edit menu - look for “Copy Style” and “Paste Style”.

  1. Copy the style you want to the clipboard by either:
  • Switching to the “Sample” tool (eyedropper) and clicking on the entity you want to copy.
  • Select the entity you want to copy and choosing Edit -> Copy Style
  1. Select the entities to set the style on

  2. Edit -> Paste Style