Shape Style tool no longer behaves in Layout V.18

I’ve always been able to set my line thickness, fill, arrows, etc. in Layout. Now, no matter what I select, it draws something different, forcing me to go back an edit all the parameters each time I draw something.

Make sure that you have no lines, arrows or other objects selected when you set your line thickness, colour, etc. in the Shape Style window. What might be happening is that you’re selecting an existing line, setting it the way you want, then when you draw a new line it will go back to the old settings.

With nothing selected, you set your preferences for future lines you will draw. With some lines selected, your settings only affect the selected lines.

Thanks. That wasn’t it, but I did notice the “Stroke” button wasn’t highlighted when I was making my selections, so it drew whatever was selected previously. That seemed to fix the problem…user error.

Oh well, as long as you have it working now, that’s good.

It’s always been the case that you must either have the tool or an hour existing entity selected to make a change. This is not new to LO 2018.

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