Eye dropper selects faded colour, not true colour while working on a group

If I am working on a group, and I use the eye dropper to matcher a colour from an item outside the group, it will not match the colour (different RGB values). Instead it matches the faded filter colour ‘Layout’ applies to everything outside the group. If I use the eye dropper on the same object, while not working in a group, it works as designed (correct RGB values). How do I sample an object’s RGB value and apply it to my selection in Layout, consistently?

Hit ‘S’ might work, but would also pick the stroke settings.
The color picker picks the rgb of what you see on the screen.

Then I guess it is safe to assume that sampling colours effectively from objects outside of the group you are working on is not a within the capabilities Layout.

In Preferences you can set how much the rest of the document should fade when editing groups.

Sample the color and add it to the palette before opening the group to edit it.

Ok from what has been replied (thank you). The eye dropper tool doesn’t work effectively in group editing, without surrendering group functionality.

I was curious as the where in Layout Preferences I might find this setting?

Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 2_11_57 PM

Much appreciated, thank you.