Tools not working inside groups?

It seems like most/all tools only work on geometry placed outside Groups.
If i have some grouped objects, eg. an exploded viewport, it seems i can’t add / split / erase lines within that group. With a group open, as soon as i select a tool, the group closes.

Am i doing something wrong?
Is that a bug or a deliberate design-decision?
If intended, what’s the logic behind it, or, what’s the gain from that behaviour?

Seems like groups are working very differently in LO than in SU, and also in other graphic software i know… but the help only mentions restrictions to inferencing when using groups…

Hi sirtet-

Yes, this is a popular feature request, and the team has put it very high on our priority list. We agree that groups are incomplete without this ability.

There are some workarounds. For instance, to add an entity to a group, you can create it outside the group, copy it, enter group edit, and then paste it.


About improving groups:
How high on the priorities-list is an outliner for LO?
Again, without it, i find it very cumbersome to work with Groups (see the structure of sub-groups, see which of them i am currently in, navigating in those groups, etc…), especially as a user who started with SU, and then expands to LO…