Can't group some items in my drawing and can't figure out why

I can’t see the picture below but if it is my screen shot I can get the wall with an arrow drawn at it to group. I am taking a 2D view that I could get out of the manufacture and trying to do model somewhat so the client can see it.

Global_Zaman_CSM_corrected layout 2020 version.skp (6.0 MB)

Thanks for you time I am sure I am just being dense. I am using 2020 SketchUp


OK so let me correct my first question, it appears that I can group it when I pick the pull down menu but it won’t let me when I access the commend though my mouse. The group and component option is greyed out when I right click the mouse.

I don’t have a problem making that geometry into a group or component. Some of the elements of that door your arrow is pointed at are already groups, in which case if just that element is selected the Make Group is missing from the right click context menu, replaced by Edit Group, but Make Component is still available. If I select the entire collection of geometry and groups with a selection box, the right click menu is available to Make Group.

You are seeing the Make Group menu item greyed out?


When I right click see the greyed out items.

I was able to group it under edit. But now I can’t even explode it to make adjustments. I’ll guess I’ll close it and open it again and see it that changes anything

Hmmm… Did this functionally change for you? Did you used to be able to group via right click and it stopped working? Or is this a fresh install of SketchUp? Your profile say version 18 but your screen shot looks like 21. See if a restart changes things. When you installed SketchUp 2021 did you right click on the installer and choose run as administrator? Are you on a subscription, can you update to SU22?

I have a 2021 version on one of my computers. I really try to do everything in 2020 as I have 2 licenses for that. I shut down my version and reopened the file and seems to be working as it should. However this one is a 2021 not 2020 like I thought. Thanks for your help!

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It sounds like the SketchUp 2021 version you are using is an early release. It has a bug in which context menu items are grayed out and not available after it has been running for a little while. Shutting SketchUp down and restarting it will help for awhile but it’ll come back. There was a maintenance release later in the year that included a fix for this bug. If you’re going to stick with SU2021 you ought to at least update it to the last release. When you do that make sure you install it correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

As @tweenulzeven suggested, also update your profile with the correct information.

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Thanks Dave, You are always very helpful!