Apply rounding at sharp transitions

Hello All,

I would like to create the roundings as shown in images #1106.

If the corners at transitions are not too sharp it works fine with, for example, the extension RoundCorner or Bevel. But as soon as the transitions are too sharp I can’t manage to round them off properly. Attached also the skp file.

Are there any methods to make the rounding correct on sharp transitions? Thanks in advance for your suggestions

#1106_b.skp (557.3 KB)

Sometimes when I need to do that sort of thing I will either make a “cutter” to create the rounding or for filets/coves I will make an object to add to the part. Making sure the objects are solid is important.

3D model dtp-02c.skp (625.5 KB)

Thank you @DaveR @mihai.s for your response. I will try to apply Mihai’s example myself.

You’re welcome!

Arc, Follow Me, TIG Extrude Tools


Perfect @mihai.s ! Thank you very much for the effort. I am going to install the tool and of course try your method. To be continued.

It took some practice to get it done. Fair is fair, but I have now fully mastered the technique of making this kind of transition smooth following @mihai.s example .

To create the smooth transition, I tested both with ‘TIG Extrude Tools’ as well as ‘Curviloft Skin Contours’. The end result is the same. It just depends on which tool you find more comfortable to work with.

Problem solved and a lot wiser :slight_smile: Thanks again @DaveR and @mihai.s .

Here are some more images of the final result: