Outer shell together with round corner

Dear all,

I just wanted to ask you, if you could advice me how to make a special geometry of one object in Sketchup?

There is a handle where a round corner (2mm) should be applied on every edge in fact. I was able to make it on middle part as well on bottom part. Round part is easy, but then the rest – connection between middle part and round part should be also rounded. But I am desperate how to make it. I am using RoundCorner from Fredo, but can do in different way if you could advice.

Thank you for your help.

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d://tXU5CygW3UIvSy6HbqPljGYJSCt.skp) (5.5 MB)

It seems that the link you provided is to a local file on your computer, to which we do not have access (I hope :slight_smile: ). The RoundCorner extension should be able to apply a fillet to the junction between the cylindrical body and the projecting handle of the object - assuming that all the geometry is in one group or component. Select the arching edges that are at the boundary between the two portions of the object (red curve in your image) and apply RoundCorner. You may need to perform manual cleanup where the fillet reaches the flat face of the object.

handle_geometry.skp (5.5 MB)

Sorry, I did upload both files at once, but the SKP file did not uploaded at all. There are three object in the model - the round corner (2mm) should be applied everywhere, but notice the back part of the handle - there is already a large radius - so I can just apply round corner tool on every edge as this would be “over-rounded” :frowning:

And if I select that edge and use roundcorner tool - it will deform the whole place or at least erase some side geometry :frowning:

Thanks for the file. There is an incredibly huge number of faces to represent the curves. More than 700 segments in the main round part’s circumference, for example. That explains why the file is over 5MB for fairly simple shapes. :slight_smile: I see 319 edges along the joint between what you term the lower part and the round part. Some of those edges are extremely short, which causes a jagged effect on the microscopic level. As a result, the RoundCorner extension will generate magnified versions of all those micro jagged intersections.

I don’t have a good suggestion to avoid the micro-scale jagged joints. Modeling the curves with fewer segments would probably help. There would be fewer sharp (jagged) direction changes along the joint between the lower and round parts, which would help RoundCorner to avoid generating a jagged fillet.

Edited to add a screen capture of what RoundCorner shows when I ask it to generate a 2m (at the 1000X scale of the model) fillet.

Just to explain why it is so large… I have been modeing in Sketchup in scale of mm. But recently I started to make some detailed shapes for rendering and found, there is some problem with missing surfaces while model is so small. So I had to enlarge it. Firstly to 1mm=10cm but it gave me still problem. So I scaled it to 1mm=1mm and problem dissapeard. But I see the slowness of everything after.

The 1000X scale of the model geometry is perfectly fine (and necessary to avoid SketchUp deleting the very short edges, as you have found). What is unusually large is the segment-count of some of the curves. That is what causes run-time slowness - the pure number of edges and faces - not the “physical” scale of the geometry. That very-detailed segmented-curve geometry is also going to make it harder to apply a fillet along that 319-segment junction between the lower and round parts of the shape.