Create smooth transition from curved ramp to flat landing

Hello, I want to make a curved ramp with a flat landing in the middle and the end. I already know how to make the curved ramp using Curvishear and Curviloft extension. But the problem is, the transition from the ramp and the landing is too sharp. Is there any extension or native tools that can make the transition smoother?

I already facing this problem several times, and one time I finally can make ‘smooth’ transition with Round Edge plugin. But it didn’t do the job properly (eg. no side faces, misaligned edges, etc) and all I can use from the plugin is the curve it made (‘transition curve’). Then I make a solid from that and substract the solid from the ramp.

Image on the left is the enlarged section from the one marked with yellow on the right image
image above is one of my example, it’s actually a railing for stairs but it has the same characteristics as a curved ramp. The green line is the problem, and the blue one is my attempt by substracting using solid tools (as mentioned above) and that’s the result that I want to achieve. It’s not perfect if you see it upclose. But for preliminary, it does the job.

I actually don’t have any problem with substracting the model. The problem is, I also don’t know how to make the ‘transition curve’ besides using Round Edges. In my recent occasion, the Round Edges didn’t even work, so I can’t make a curve and solid group from it.

So to summarize, I want to ask is there any way to make ramp transition smoother or to make a ‘transition curve’ from already-curved faces.

thank you in advance for your help.

It isn’t very clear to me from just an image what you are trying to achieve.

Can you upload a model that shows the curved ramp and landing, where you want to smooth the transition?

hello, for my case now it isn’t actually a ramp but a railing for curved stairs. Since i don’t know how to mark things in sketchup, if you go to the scene 1, you’ll see that I’ve marked where I want to smooth the transition :joy:

Ramp Model.skp (386.5 KB)

red mark on the image above, is what i’m trying to achieve

‘Bevel’ with Fredo Tools on Surface and Fredo Curviloft

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wow, i didn’t know there’s plugin for drawing arc on curved faces. Looks promising, and definitely will try it. Thank you so much for your help and your effort by uploading a step-by-step youtube video :+1: