Appearing unwanted objects

I have an issue on my sketchup that there is an object that keeps appearing when I exported images from my sketchup project, when in my viewport there is no such of the mentioned object.

How to fix this kind of issue?

Thank you so much

hello, best would be to attach an image as example.

Is it exporting from sketchup, from vray ? give us more details on your problem

This is what shows on my viewport.

And then there is this chef that appeared when I exported the image.

And I have checked from the hidden objects/geometry, that there is no sign of the chef to be there.

I see that in your material list the chef is there, so he’s got to be somewhere… Perhaps on a hidden layer ? that is strange though, cause hidden layer should not be exported. Did you click on a scene tab before exporting ?

try to spot him in your component panel, or in the outliner and delete it.

Okay I got it!

Thanks for the solution. I found it on my components tab and somehow it just appeared when I enter ESC, so then I got to delete the chef.

Thank you!

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Error code : :broccoli::stew: “an unexpected chef has been encountered”

Could have been worse, could have been a blue screen of Chef.