Problems with exporting models

I have problems with some unwanted objects that appear only at the time of export (at least exporting to powerpoint), and I have already tried to purge them and nothing. I’m very new to this.

And when i try to see whats going on in sketch up, the object is gone, but it stills appears when exporting.

Here is the archive:
cafe.skp (13.9 MB)

Tnx for all the help!!

You have loose geometry that has not been grouped or made into components. It is best to only have groups and components. It is also best not to tag loose geometry. Only tag groups and components. You have a lot of components from the 3D Warehouse. You should be careful about choosing these. It is recommended to open them up first in another file to inspect them and correct them. Hopefully, @DaveR can look at this with his tools and give you some detailed adivce about all of this and more.

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You have two enormous extractor fans in the model.

tnx!! But how do i delete those enourmous extractors? They aren’t visible to me

Bro how did you find them. They are non existent for me.

Turn off the section cut so you can see them.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates you are implies SketchUp 2024 desktop but your model looks like it came from SketchUp Free (web).

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BRO GOD BLESS YOU YOU RESOLVED MY ERROR TYSM. I exported that from sketchup web, and then import it to sketchup 2024

You should really give Box the solved check mark

Already did bro!!!

I think you missed.

Bro for ppl like you is why this community stands up

Hello, on the export menu of GO plan there is not the stl choise. How can I do to export in .stl format please ? Thank you very much

It is in a Download menu…

Many thanks but my problem is to Export.

When you select a menu Download>STL you will get a your model exported to STL.
It is just a different naming, and different location in a menu.
You will get a same result if the STL sub-menu would have been placed inside the Export menu. Actually I have no idea why the Sketchup developers chosen to make users confused by placing it to other menu…

Thank you very much Dezmo, effectively it’s right, stange and surprising but a nice news, I was searching from 2 days long …
Best regards