Apostrophe Key is not working to type measurements

Hello! My students are using SketchUp for schools. In class we use laptop computers, but they use Dell Chromebooks that are school issued for home use. Four students were not able to use the apostrophe (feet symbol) last night to write measurements. I had the students recreate this on their Chromebooks and they can not type in the measurements. The numbers and the commas are working, but the apostrophe does not. Do you know why this is happening? Without the apostrophe, the measurements do not come out correctly. Thanks so much for any advise!
Lynn Alger

This seems to happen if the keyboard setting is US International instead of say US. See if the keyboard set for the Chromebooks that do work is different to the ones that don’t work.

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Thanks, Colin! That was exactly the issue. The students were on US International. As soon as we switched to US it worked. I appreciate your help!