Anyone give a tutorial on how to render an image (see attached)


I’ve been designing small exhibition stands in SketchUp. I’ve been told to use Kerkythea to render the images however I have no experience and my attempts come out nothing like how there meant too (see picture). Would anyone here know some basic steps to get the reflective floor, black background and the kind of lighting they’ve used


I don’t know Kerkythea, but from the image I would bet that the light is coming from the standard SU sun (sharp shadows) and no special lighting setup.


Pay a visit to Kerkythea

Kerky’s documentation includes many tutorials.
You’ll find even more tutorials in the Kerky Forum

Kerkythea is a bit of a deep pool to get started with.
Study the Getting Started Guide thoroughly and the rest comes more easily.


Kerkythea has a powerful File > Merge function.
If ‘they’ want you to duplicate ‘their’ materials and settings; they can (should) send you their setup files.