Kerkythea settings?


Not sure how many of you use KerKythea as your rendering application, but so far it is pretty cool. I do have one question out of 10 to be asked though haha.

I created a basic block in sketchup. I applied no color or materials in SU, so it is just a gray block. I exported it using the kerkythea exporter. It opens up and i apply a wood material to the face of the object.

When i render it, i noticed that its a TON of little wood jpgs that make up the entire material. Problem is, it looks terrible. Is there a way to make the wood pattern larger to cover more area rather than a square inch in kerkythea or does this have to be done in SU?



You can do this in KerkyThea.

Here’s a simple box rendered in KerkyThea (approx. 26" x 20" x 16"):

Applying a woodgrain pattern:


Editing the woodgrain texture:


Selecting the Diffuse pattern (note the Scale Factors):

Using 0.050 scale instead of 1.000:


Applying the changes and rendering:


Oh, its under the scale options. I thought it was scaling the object, not the material file haha. Thanks for pointing that out. So far i like the application. The other question i have is when o hit the render button in the top toolbar, it brings up a new window with some options. I noticed under render settings, it says custom and when i click the down arrow, there is no other options at all. I was wanting to turn on ambient occlusion under that dro down menu, but i have nothing listed:)

Thanks again