Exporting model to Kerkythea error!

Hey guys,

I am attempting to export my model to Kerkythea but i get the error ‘‘The given 3D Format can not be opened/saved!’’

How do i get around this? Im really confused as its my first time using a sketchup addon :smile:

Many thanks, Jed.

Which SketchUp version do you use?

Sketchup pro mate, think its 2015

i also looked at the materials i used and none of them have the " in it so its not that!

any ideas guys? still getting the error :confused:

I don’t know the plugin, but maybe it’s a 64-bit SU problem? Kerkythea Rendering System • View topic - SketchUP 2015 compatibility

Oh well thats not good :confused: do you know any alternatives to free good rendering plugins? or maybe ones that are cheap/free if you’re a student!

A lot of Renderer have cheap student versions and there are some topics here in the forum about pro/cons of the different Renderers out there.

Kerkythea and su2kt work on 64 bit windows computers and with SketchUp 2015.

Kerkythea is getting old but can make great renders. It will take time to learn but there are good docs and tutorials still online. It’s a good choice if cost is a major constraint.

Try with a simple model - a box with no textures for example. Are you able to get it rendering in kerkythea?

So at what point in the export process does this error happen?

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