Any way to recover a purchased Nearmap image?

After I paid for and downloaded a Nearmap image, I subsequently lost it after I inadvertently messed up some geometry of my model when attempting to align it with the map. After several undos and redos, I was no longer able to recover the map, and I can’t find any way to download it again without paying again. I would have assumed a link would be provided to download images already paid for.

@Bryceosaurus may be able to give an official response.

One thing to check is your auto save folder, which would be here:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2020/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles

It may still have a copy of the file before the error, even if you never did a save. If you have been saving check for a backup file in the same folder as the actual file, only with a ~ at the end of the name.

For Bryce’s benefit, I do see the order as having completed.

Thanks. Unfortunately it’s not there - nor in version history in dropbox.

Hey There

Unfortunately we don’t have the infrastructure to save back up copies of your Hi-Resolution Imports. We know there is a need for it though.

For now the best thing to do is save your imported site in a safe location right after the import finishes. Sorry I realize that doesn’t help you right now.