Geo maps Nearmap I pay money, software crashes and map is gone

How I get my money back when I purchase a HI DEF MAP and after it loads sketchup crashes (again) and the map and my money is gone? I reopen skectchup and the file is nowhere.

Go to this page and fill in your details. It would be a good idea to be signed into with the email you use for SketchUp before going to this page:

Customer Support will refund today’s purchase. It looks like you succeeded in the past, not sure what went wrong this time.

It works every time, but unless I save the file right away and sketchup locks up on me and crashes, I can’t retrieve the file I purchased.

If you have auto save turned on, and SketchUp crashes, the Untitled file should be available in the Welcome screen when you open SketchUp again. When you open SketchUp do you get a bugsplat window, and did you send in one of those?

Normally this is what happens. Open recent and it’s there. This is the second or third time.

My second step typically is using placemaker to add buildings because I have leftover credits (which I’m about out). Do you have an “add buildings” extension you approve?

I use the paid mapping off and on but I just finished with a year long project so I’ll be back on using more. It would be helpful if the file was downloaded somewhere I could access if it happens again. Also, if somehow the map is named or it could be time stamped from the day of the aerial capture so it can be reviewed months down the road it would be helpful.

I’ll submit on that link for a credit. It doesn’t need to go back on my card. A credit will be fine too.

AS for the bugsplat, I’ve submitted so many over the past couple years and never hear back so to me it’s become pointless to do it anymore. Trying not to be a negative nancy but I’m a contractor, all we do is complain.