Any way to export dxf files without Pro? Pro just too expensive for hobbiest!

My laser cutter needs dxf files. And I can’t seem to find a (working) plugin for dxf export for 2017 MAKE version. PDF’s don’t work - that becomes an image and can’t legend lines for different tasks on my laser cutter. The pro version is too expensive for just playing with toys. I use inkscape and LibreCAD but nothing is as easy as sketchup - just cant export a DXF!!! Jeeze… Any rescue appreciated.

on a mac, Top View >> Parallel Projection >> Export 2d >> PDF will export a vector pdf…

I don’t use Inkscape much, but I have used the same convertor it uses pstoedit to convert to dxf…


hmmm, John… My MAC based MAKE V17 only gives me .jpg, .png and tff as
export options.

I can ‘print’ as .pdf but it’s not a vector…

Print to “save as PDF”. Tick the “Vector Printing” Box in the print dialog.

Import the PDF into Inkscape, then:
File->Save As… Desktop Cutting Plotter (AutoCAD DXF R14) (*.dxf)

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Maybe you need to try another route. You can export other sorts of files that some CAD programs can import such as STL. You should have a look around at other CAD programs. Or maybe you need to look at something like the Vectric offerings which can import SKP files.

This “vector printing” workaround works - thanks! Never knew there was such a thing. Frustrating they (Trimble) have not found a way to bridge the gap between hobby use and pro use for basic features like .dxf exporting. The delta between $0 and $500 (or whatever the pro version is these days) is extreme and shameful. Our maker space purposely stays away from Sketchup for this very reason. They are losing a large base of makers that drift into pro users by withholding basic features like simple and straightforward dxf export - not to mention the bad-mouthing that takes place when we can’t do simple exports. Learning other software is always an option but much of the beauty of sketchup is ease of use and large user base. Time for changes in executive decision making at Trimble. Thanks all for the help!!

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