Can'T export 2d file DXF



I was exporting 2d file last week,( really easely : parallel projection , up view , export 2d , and select DXF file) But now, I only have image selection ( Jpg, png, tif , BMp )

I really don’T know why

I was using 2016 version than I download the 2017 version … same thing… It just no longer there…

I would like so much a solution to my problem THANKS !!!


You must have been using the Pro trial and it expired. Now you’re using Make. CAD exports are only available in the pro version of SketchUp. See:


so simple, but why they don’T say … ‘’ hey your free trial is expired … upgrade or you will curse AF.’’

Thanks a lot, I will try to have a pro version


Since you installed SketchUp Make, it would start with a Pro trial and indicate that at the top of the sketchUp window until it expires and reverts to Make. You’ll also be getting the Welcome screen which would ask you if you want to go Pro.

At this point you should install SketchUp 2018 Pro. You can get it here. You might just as well get the license while you’re at it.


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