Can no longer export DXF from SketchUp Shop

I used to be able to export DXF files from SketchUp Shop. If exporting I mostly create pretty simple models that I send off to a laser cutting place that cuts shapes for me.

Has the licensing changed recently so that I can no longer do exports from this version of SketchUp?

I have’t needed SketchUp Pro up to now and, given I run Linux and so a Desktop version technically isn’t supported for me (and I have never had a lot of success running Windows apps on Linux using WINE), it has seemed a waste to pay for it given I only use the Web version anyway.

The option is still there in the menu but now, if I select it, I get a message asking me if I want to upgrade my plan. Weird that it used to work and has now been removed. I couldn’t find any announcement about a change having been made. I don’t export to DXF very often so I don’t know if something changed recently or some months ago. The last time I exported a DXF was around 10 September 2021.

Anyone know anything about this?

You may just need to sign out clear the browser cache and sign in again. There have been recent changes to the login system.

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Wow that fixed it! Thanks so much!