Pro vs Make for DXF?

I’ve been looking for a program similar to sketch up or solid works. For a reasonable price. I don’t need the really high end capabilities of SW I am familiar with it from my former line of work. Sketch up seems to have what I’m looking for would some of you be able to tell me if the make version is capable of exporting a DFX to a CNC shop for cutting? I would like to try it before buying, the make version seems like a good test drive.

The Make version starts with a 30-day trial of Pro with all the exporters working, but when the trial expires, all the vector-format exporters except Collada will stop working.


Thx for the reply. Is the cost actually $700. U.S.?

U$ 695,- (net) including 1 year of maintenance & support (2/3 years opt.).