Question about Make/Sketchup

Hello, I have been using a free version of sketchup for years to sketch things up. Recently I purchased a CNC plasma cutting machine for hom hobby use. It comes with its own drawing program, however I am way more comfortanble using Sketchup/Make. Recently I have downloaded the trial version for expoting small 2-d parts that I can import into my machine. I only do this maybe once a month. I am hesitant to but a monthly license or a one time fee of $300.00. I only use the 2-d functions and export the ocassional DXF file. are there other options besides purchasing the program or a monthly license fee?? I cannot justify it for the value that it is adding to my capabilities.
Thanks in advance for the response.
Regards, Eb.

If you’re only using 2D and you need DXF files, you should be looking at a 2D CAD program like Draftsight.

Yeah, There is a learning curve to that. I guess what I was/am wondering is if there were a stripped down/cheaper version of sketchup/Make that only has the functions that I actually need. I have a program for my CNC machine (Advanced DesignEdge) that I could and do use. Its just that when I need a bracket with a couple of holes etc. I can open sketchup and do it without much effort/ difficulty.

Thanks for the response
Regards, Doug

There’s only one SketchUp Make and it doesn’t have the CAD export feature you need. To get that, you either need to buy SketchUp Pro, currently about $700, or SketchUp Shop which has a monthly subscription fee.

Checkout Punch! ViaCAD2D

You can buy a SketchUp Pro license for a one time cost rather subscribing to the Shop version. Even if its just for hobby use the Pro version can be useful as it allows DWG and DXF import and export. It costs a bit but so does the CNC plasma cutter too.

this plugin could be useful to you SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Free, professional-grade 2D design and drafting solution.
Like other AutoCAD workalikes, it comes with a hefty learning curve.

CadStd Pro©
Inexpensive, simple yet capable 2D CAD without any frills.
DXF in/out and a host of other export options.


Wow. thanks for all of the input. I appreciate it.

@gkernan Garry wrote a CNC exporter extension for SketchUp. Might be posted in the Extensions category.

For 2D CAD free programs, there also is:

  • QCAD community edition
    The QCAD/CAM edition is not free. It is an extension of the Professional edition.

  • LibreCAD
    How it started
    LibreCAD started as a project to build CAM capabilities into the community version of QCad for use with a Mechmate CNC router.

FreeCAD I think has a 2D workbench …