Can help me find a purchasing example for my usage?



Currently I need to use SketchUp a few times per year for my own projects. I will want to export. There could be months between projects.

Consequently I’d rather not spend $119/mo when it’s not being used.

Can someone either tell me - or help me find where this is explained. It would be great to see some example usages and their costs.


Does this mean for personal use? Or are these your projects for clients?

Export what? What kind of files do you want to export?

With more information we can probably help.


It might be that SketchUp Free is all you need. To be sure that is the case, can you share a bit more about the exports you think you will need to do over the year?


Thanks, Yes for my own projects. I have no clients.

I have SketchUp 2017 and am learning it slowly.

Mostly I just need it so I can plan my project, and see how it looks, which is not exporting. It seems useful to be able to send out file for bids, like for lasercutting, or machining. Or perhaps stress analysis.

I’ve done this with a napkin sketch, then sent it to “” where some guy in China made me a .dxf for $25. $25 was a bargain but I want to do it myself.


As John says, most likely SketchUp Free will do must of what you need. If you need the ability to export CAD files, you’ll need either SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro.


So for $119 I can produce files for one month? Then continue to use Sketchup free for my drawings etc. Then a few months later…another project arises…where I need to make some more files… can I buy another month for $119?

This is the type of question I have WRT SketchUp usage.


You should contact Sales Support to get your questions regarding purchasing answered directly.


It may be worth pointing out that it’s $119 per year, not month.


SketchUp Make 2017(FREE!!!) is also available for Download… just do a Google search for it…it may be all you need…


yes colin that’s significant difference! Pretty sure I got an email that said its $119/mo or $1199/year so I was going from that. Looking into the licensing I see these numbers. I can’t use it web-based - it has to be an app on my laptop.

I have 2017 Make, that’s what I’m using.

So my option, for exporting, is then 299/year for Pro? .82 per day is not so bad


Any chance you’re other program (cad) imports SketchUp? I’m lucky enough that mine does


Even Make can export Collada, which many programs can take, or you can use online converters.

I just tested something with the web Free version, it seems to work ok while I’m disconnected. What is the reason you must have the app on your laptop?


I don’t have other CAD programs, this is it. I was very good at CATIA in '92 but things have changed.

I want to be able to use it away from wifi. I have to say I’m pretty confused by almost everything about Sketchup. It’s a huge program with so many details to get on board.

The description “3D modeling on the web” implies that it’s needs to be online doesn’t it? I don’t want it slow when the fam’s watching movies or cat videos.


Unfortunately yes, wish they would come up with some sort of offline version of shop…


It’s a tiny amount of data. If every second you modeled the whole thing was sent to the server, it would still be a small fraction of someone watching YouTube.

My offline test suggests that nothing gets sent while you’re modeling. It would be when you save, or quit, that there might be a tiny spike in the Internet traffic.

The online aspect is mainly getting the app going, and for if you need to save.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

Sometimes I use my cellphone in remote areas for internet, so that’s the other reason but thats seldom.