Another SketchUp Make 2017 crashing problem


I had SketchUp working on this laptop at one point. I recently reinstalled windows and have reinstalled all my apps.
I do not remember if I had upgraded to Sketchup 2017 before I reinstalled so I can t confirm if it was working before, but if it was not 2017…then I did have 2016 working.

When I start SketchUp Make 2017 (and now 2016 as well), I get the select your template page. Select a template, and then click Start using SketchUpext. The main GUI screen pops up then shuts down with the Bug Splat window.
I have sent the report, but have not gotten any feedback.

Troubleshooting steps:
-Selected different templates


-Uninstalled and then manually deleted all leftover registry records, deleted c:\user\appdata\roaming\ SketchUp folders and files, deleted c:\user\appdata\local\ SketchUp folders and files ,and c:\programdata\ sketchup files.

-Installed lastest graphic card drivers from Intel’s website released March of 2017.

-Manually reinstalled .NET Framework 4.7

-Manually reinstalled C++ Runtime Libraries

-Uninstalled SketchUp 2017 and reinstalled 2016…2016 now crashes as well.

-Analysed .log file, but did not locate any failed or error messages. All logs seem to stop after
"Loaded ruby file: c:/users/mmaus/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2017/sketchup/plugins/su_webtextures/webtextures_loader.rbe
Loaded ruby file: su_webtextures.rb
Dont know if this indicates where the loading stops…or if this is what is expected to be at the end of the log.

Is there a program that will allow the user to analyse the .dmp files?


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