Another bug in .419 Build

Hi All,

I’m finding another bug in the .419 build of SketchUp 2023 on Windows 11 and I wonder if anyone can replicate it. When I create a Section Plane (in a large SKP file) it asks for me to name the plane and hitting spacebar will cause it to crash if you click “do not ask” right afterwards.

When I create the plane, it asks for me to name it. I hit space bar by accident and then clicked the “Do not ask me again” box and SketchUp immediately crashed. I intentionally hit the space bar the second time and repeated the process. Crash. I’ve replicated it in a very small, single object, file so it’s not due to file size or model stats.

It does not crash if I click the “do not ask” box without pressing space bar. Space bar is the only key to cause it apparently because the other keys return a locked out windows sound. I also reported the Scene crashing bug where the camera has to move before switching scenes after an export and they said they were tracking that one. I’ve sent in a couple error reports as I’ve tested so hopefully this one gets tracked too.

I assume you are submitting the BugSplat reports with identifying information. You should then see a web page that lists a crash number. It is helpful if you can include that in the post here, as it makes it easier for the QA people to look up the crash. That said, all too often bug reports seem to vanish into Trimble’s internal tracking system, never to be seen again…

I just tried, can’t reproduce.

win11, SU 23,419

every key, including spacebar, returns a locked out window sound here.

anyone else wants to try ?

I reproduced it, on the first try. It might be a windows thing.

I’m starting to suspect it as well. It’s probably Windows 11 - probably when they patched the antivirus install problems is now causing crashes with other bits of code or something.

maybe, I’m a solid 2-3 weeks behind on update on my PC, they never pop at a suitable moment and immediately after a win11 update, I suddenly have 10 secondary ones to make (audio, display, nvidia…)

Latest Windows 11 here – I can’t replicate the issue.