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Hi there Sketch Up community - I’m new to the group but have been using SketchUp Pro for around 3 years now. I have Pro2015 and am looking for a decent animation program that can also upgrade the render quality of my models. I am currently trying Podium Walker but it is having trouble dealing with the size of my model and does not render it any better than the base model quality.
I have also tried using a video production software program and editing my scenes to suit. This might work but progress is still jerky and rendering not affected of course.
Any suggestions?.. many thanks

Try the following and see which works best for you:

MSPhysics (some rendering software do support this).

Animator (some rendering software do support this).

You’ll find both of these over at SketchUcation, the EW only features MSPhysics.

I’ve used both Animator and MSPhysics that were mentioned by @Julian_Smith for a recent project (here’s my 18-minute YouTube video). I was pretty happy with them, though they have learning curves. I was not using any external render tool; I just used SketchUp’s own rendering. As also mentioned above, Animator has a capability of working with a few rendering tools, but I have no experience with them.

thanks Julian - I had a look at both but as a first time animator found ‘Animator’ useful but difficult to fully utilise without instructions. I should have worded my enquiry a bit more concisely as I was looking for walk-through animation software. I eventually used SketchUp walk and scenes which I edited with Cyberlink Power Director 16 adding music and extending/switching scenes where required. I also used Vray for rendered scenes. This pushed my little laptop to its limit so I broke down my model to bit-sized scenes for rendering only… cheers Lisette

and thanks to you too TDahl - I can see an advantage with Animator but need to become more proficient with these tools.


if you are looking for something intuitive check the SimLab Composer which is also available as a Lite version incl. rendering for free:

The SimLab Composer intergation plugin can be installed by “Window > Extension Warehouse”.

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