How can I simulate/animate?


how can I simulate/animate a driving plane on an airport in Sketchup Make 2017?

You can animate models if you care to write a ruby script, but the issue then becomes the shared model is not animated, unless you also distribute the script with it.

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Do you know any video or tutorial how to simulate it?

I´m working with MS physics. Is it possible to simulate/animate with this plugin in sketchup?

Yes, the MSphysics extension can do animations. I have experimented with it a bit. The major purpose of MSphysics is to automatically calculate and animate pseudo-correct physical interaction between bodies within the SketchUp workspace. It’s pretty cool to see your objects automagically bumping and twisting with each other. I believe you can also create a video of your physical interactions, though I have not done that (as I recall).

I know of two other extensions who’s major purpose is to do manually-defined animations (and create videos of them). Animator by fredo6, and Keyframe Animation by Regular Polygon. I have a moderate amount of experience with Keyframe Animation. The UI is super simple (to the point of making the extension hard to use in some ways). It works fine with complex models.

I have only just recently begun using Animator. It has a vastly more capable UI and lots and lots of features. Almost overwhelming, but huge potential. One annoyance I have so far is that performance of almost any actions in the GUI is super slow with a complex model (and generating a video of N-seconds of animation requires about 100N-seconds of computation). My model has ~3000 component instances, ~1 million faces, ~2 million edges. I’m not sure which of those statistics causes the slow behavior, or maybe it’s something else. Nevertheless, Animator has a LOT of capabilities.

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does anybody know a good tutorial, which shows how to simulate/animate a driving plane on an airport?
I would be so grateful for it.

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Look at Sam Ketner’s MSphysics videos, there are a dozen or so.

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