3D Animation & Best rendering software

Greetings all,
I have created a model of a house in sketchup which i would like to use to create a short film, and not the usual walk-through. I found a perfect example of a similar CG animated film of a house: Example. First I would like to know if I can use sketchup 2015 to do the animations and then render them using a plug in, for example:

  1. Doors sliding and pivoting open,
  2. Create short clips of camera scenes, moving and still scenes with say shadow inclinations.

I am still not clear about about the best rendering software, plugin, that is best compatible with this type of CG animation. The attached link, Casa Gama was created in Maxwell Render. Please advice on the following:

  1. SU Podium
  2. Maxwell Render
  3. V-ray

Many thanks

I’m very biased opinion on this front about my use with Otoy: Octane Render for sketchup, while still in beta it outperforms any of the other plugins. I guess the only caveat is you must have a modern nVidia card to utilize it.

I’m pretty sure that video was made with 3dsmax or the like. Higher-end 3d software have keyframe animation as part of their studio, while sketchup still does not.

Perhaps use a 3d engine if you’re looking to do interactive animations. Both Unity or Unreal Engine accept files from exported sketchup models, usually FBX works best. This requires a bit of learning curve… just as heads up.

Good luck!

Thanks, Ill have a look and see whats the easiest to use.

Bobomoth. Did you find a program that worked best? I am thinking about teaching myself unreal engine. But I am not sure.