Animation and Sketchup


Hi I am looking to bring some animated elements into a model of a house and garden. I have tried Key Animation but needsomething that allows me to do dissolves and fades and smooth highish definition graphics. Are there any simple inexpensive ways of doing this.




The types of effects you mentioned are not available through SketchUp. They can be applied to the exported video through a multitude of different video editing programs. For the basic fade type effects you mention, I use Techsmiths’s Camtasia software. It’s easy to use and you might find its other features (screen capture, annotation, audio edit) usefull for other projects.


Hi Grain, while SketchUp may not at this time have the animation features you are looking for, you can take a SketchUp animation, save it as a .mov or QuickTime file and then use iMovie to create dissolves and fades.