Rendering gif, fredo 6 animator

How to render a gif file from fredo6 animator?
Can i render it from sketchup directly?directly

Yes, you can export .gif within SketchUp via Animator.

Also check [Tutorial] Animator Quick Start videos.

Thnx bro but ive done it, now how to render that animation?

I’m not sure what you mean by that.
Do you want to export a photorealistic animation? You can do so if you have one of these renderers:

AmbientOcclusionEx v1.9.5.
TheaRender v1.5 (from Animator and in Batch from Thea)
SketchFX Ex v1.0.6
Twilight Render Pro v2.5.5
VRay v3.40.04

Check this.

Yes thats what i mean
Any one of them is free? Cs im a student i dont have enough money

Twilight Render has a Hobby version as well but not sure if it works. You can also check their student versions.

Ok thnx alot me buddy

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