Animate spinning groups

I am modelling a mobile (to be suspended above babes crib) and trying to figure our how to animate each group or component within the model. There seems to be a lack of plugins for Mac.

Did you try Fredo6’s Animator?

Hi Dave, Not sure how Fredo works, the website seems very confusing … too many options, opens all the things I dont want. Seems I have to download something from Fredo before I can download the animator plugin?

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You need to install LibFredo6 which contains support files for most of Fredo’s extensions.

Maybe you’d be better off hiring the work out.

have you attempted a scene animation using ‘hidden’ copies…

it can be very effective…


True. That’s how these were done. And no extensions required.


Hi John, have the beginnings of several scenes with each component copied (and hidden), but how do I make the replay then not ‘clip by clip’, looking for a smooth transition between scenes… this is going to be a long job

Cool !

You should be using Layers and not Hide.


Never what?

passing off the work to others

Then you’ll need to learn to make it yourself then buckle down and get after it. There’s nothing difficult about the animations I showed.

He’s working perfect.

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Hi DaveR, downloaded a bunch of Fredo6 tools, after checking out Justin of SketchUp Essentials. (Great Website). It takes some time getting used to the rudimentary interface, but the results are cool!

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