Fredo 6 animator rotate

when i rotate 2 components they separate which is not what want any ideas why ?

Can you post an animation or some screenshots so we can see what is happening?

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i am new to this so hope there is a screen shot included, the flat green section is connected to the yellow vertical piece when i select both and then rotate they just seperate ? when i had intended for them to stay together

this is what i expected

Well, one quick solution would be to combine the two pieces into a group and the rotate the group. However, it appears there is something wrong with with the definition of the group/component that contains the yellow piece from the box shown in the first image. You should also adjust the axis of both pieces so that they match. In the first image the axis shown in the group that is selected is in kind of a odd position.

yes but i need the yellow to be vertical as its a crane lifting the green bit, sorry i did not explain this better with the correct drawing.

appreciate your time

Sorry I was editing my post while you were responding and yes that will have an effect so combining them would not work but you do need to look at the axis for each item as that will affect how the animation is applied

your idea of a group approach appears to work, on simple rectangles as a test i drew 2 rectangles made them individual components, then grouped them and with a mixture of rotate /pvot as either a component or component it works by moving them about in the sequence,long winded may be and yes the previous drawing axis is out of sync so that may have been the cause. just seen a video from fredo in the sketchucation blog about using pivot for 2 bifolding doors which helped. i can send if you need it

Would there be a change in the angel of the rope though?

thats the difficult one. talk later