Mysterious Swing while Rotating - not wanted

I experienced an odd thing. While making some simple model component rotations, and then looking at them in Animation, the start and finish position are correct, but while rotating, the component swings in an arc forward then back to finally settle at the correct rotation angle, based on the pivot point.
Anyone know what is going on ?

On the other end the other component pivots perfectly. I am seeing this on a few model now.
PS: the axes is the same for each component.

Pretty hard to diagnose without the .skp file.

…and these rotations were setup with a locking of the axes, before each rotation was made, to assure no other movement.
Tiatn_BOA_verN4.skp (9.7 MB)

You can model it from one piece

Then, if you need it to be divided into several pieces, select and create smaller groups.

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Thanks for the video, as that is very educational, and seeing the tools you used, and I can use that technique for future builds,.
My issue is that a portion of the model needs to actually break (pivot) when it is bitten by a larger animal, hence the need to rotate a portion, as if breaking a stick over your knee.
I did find that if I move the axes close to the rotate point, it helps a lot.

PS: What tool did you use when you did Tiling Factor for U and V ?

ThruPaint inside FredoTools extension

A quick question. Is there an easy way to set all component axes (even if you have many) back to the origin ?


Dinos_Stego_verD.skp (13.8 MB)

After many of Reset Axes and Change Axes, it finally stayed and got the axes all back to the origin.
Still quite a pain.