Fredo6 Animator

Can anyone explain me every single function of the Fredo6 Animator?

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Why don’t you read all of the guidance and posts in its threads on SketchUcation…
A simple search returns many hits…

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Probably not even Fredo himself. :slight_smile: He has created a series of videos that show how to use many feature of his remarkable extension. There are two topics on Animator at the Sketchucation site, a general discussion and version announcements.

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And it also has Tutorials and much more…

where can i find those guides?

Here’s the quick start tutorial page:
Look through the SketchUcation listings…
e.g. the Tutorial:
Do some homework…

I dont need such guides. I juts need some theoretical information about the plugin and its functions.

You DO need such guides.
Perhaps you have passed the basic intro link, but there is much more…
You need to read them…
There is no condensed version we are deliberately hiding from you.
Sometimes you need to do some work to achieve your goals…
That is how everyone else has learnt to use Plugins such as this !
If you have a particular question about the toolset… then I suggest that you post it in one of the relevant threads at SketchUcation…
Otherwise you’ll get nowhere…

I appreciate that English is not your native language, but the tone of you reply is quite abrupt, and even could be construed as ‚Äėdismissive‚Äô.
When asking for help [in English] it is courteous to be polite and say ‚Äėplease‚Äô etc‚Ķ
That way you will get a more useful reply…


Here is the Theory…
It is an animation extension, so in theory it would posses tool sets to achieve some of the following:
Animate object transformations (e.g. move, rotate) preferably on a time line.
Kinematic functions like pivot axis, movement constraints and such.
Camera controls and functions, possibly to animate a camera along a flight path.
Some ability to send the animations created to a rendering engine like Thea, or Vray.

I have not used this extension, but this is pretty much the basic Theory of 3D animation.
Have fun exploring further.

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Do you really know what you need?


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