Angle measure in Layout

Good morning from Vancouver Island :slight_smile:
I’m wanting my angle measure to display ‘45 degrees’, but it seems to always display 135 degrees instead, which is in fact a 45 degree angle of course, but I want my client’s to see 45. Currently I am overriding it and typing in 45.
Is there a way I can have this automatically show up the way I want? I’ve tried to come at it by clicking on different sides, but doesn’t seem to have an affect.

Hi Diane. You have to get select the correct reference points to get the 45° angle displayed. Sounds to me as if you are selecting its compliment.

Hi Dave,
I have tried to select different reference points, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. Could you possibly show me an example when you have a minute?

Check you DMs.

The process is click the apex of the angle, click along one side, click the apex again, and click along the other side. Then drag out the location for the text.

Yes, tried that…same results 135 degrees…

I guess I need to see what you are dimensioning. Did you check your DM from me?


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From a DM thread in case someone else comes along. With Diane’s permission of course.

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Looks good to me Dave.

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