Which angle do I believe SUp or Layout?

Newbie here, making great strides forward with some help.
I have a long rectangle with an angle at the bottom. When the angle is measured in SU, with the added angle tool, it is 82.1 degrees.
I made the rail into a component and sent it to Layout. I added the dimensioning and also measured the angle at the foot. It measured 84 degrees.
Which dimension do I rely on?
When the rail is finished the bottom angle will be resting on a ceramic floor.


One of them should be correct.

Or the other one…

Seriously, RLGL, you might try uploading the model or LayOut file and you might get less vague answers.


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The odds are that you have measured to points that are not quite where you thought. But as the others have noted, without the file we can only guess.

I exported the file to AutoCAD and took a measurement. It came out to 84 degrees. I guess Layout is the way to go here.

The main reason I am trying this program is I am missing something with AutoCAD 3D , I haven’t figured it out yet. 2D I have figured out.

I’ll reiterate: user error is the only reason why angles measured will differ between sketchup and layout. There is no difference in the accuracy of the programs themselves.


There are some subtleties with angular dimensions in LayOut - although they don’t appear to be a problem here, I’ll highlight them so you’re aware.

The angular dimension tool in LayOut will show you the angle between two lines in paper space, not in model space. What this means is that you should only rely on the LayOut angular dimensions for ortho views where the thing you’re measuring is aligned to the exact same plane as the view.


Thanks again for the input, life is a learning curve