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OK, we’ve upped the timeout 4x. Please retry.


Perhaps that did the trick, @Barry. I was finally able to upload that model. Thanks.

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Worked for me:

It took 8-1/2 minutes to upload a 44.1MB file at about 750Kbps.

Thanks for fixing this :slight_smile:

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@jimhami42 … I think mine was about 6 to 7 minutes.

Hooray. Thanks for responding back, @SketchrUppr, @jimhami42 et al.

Hi @SketchrUppr

Now that we know it was the server’s timing out before your browser, if you did not do it already it would be a good moment to set Firefox’s timeout value back to its reasonable default of 300s (5min) or to 600 to match the new 3D Warehouse value (150s x4) :smile:

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@denisroy -
Thanks. I have matched the new 3DWH value of 600.

Thanks again for your help.