Am i allowed to teach sketchup make informally?

hi i would like to know if it is legal for me to teach sketchup make as a personal business i.e a one on one informal tutor session.

do i have to purchase sketchup pro or may i use sketchup make to conduct my personal informal business.


It’s been 11 days since you asked this and I suspect most people are weary of answering what is a legal question that requires interpretation of the terms of service.

With that in mind, I suspect the answer is that you do not need to purchase the Pro license just to teach other people how to use Sketchup Make edition. However, if you were to release files created with Sketchup as part of your teaching and were charging money for either the tutoring or any of the files, then yes you would need a Pro license.

I am not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice. I haven’t even read the terms of service recently, so you should take this all as speculation. That said the license seems pretty clear that if you are using the files or images produced from Sketchup for money, then you should buy a Pro license for commercial use.

If I could ask, are you familiar with Sketchup enough to teach people how to use it and charge them money for that service? If you are new to Sketchup, what other CAD software do you already know well enough to teach?