Sketchup make 2017 license

Hi, i have Sketchup make 2017, trial version ended, but it still works.
Licensed to: SketchUp Make 2017 User
Licensed for: Non-commercial use only
The question is:
Is it legal use this version for making educational videos for my youtube channel?

If you make any money with your Youtube channel, the answer is no…

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OK, i will not make money from it, but can i only gain subscribers from these videos?
and how is it possible for this version to work after the end of the trial period?is it normal?

What kind of educational videos do you want to make with Sketchup? If they are about Sketchup I suggest you leave that to people who have more experience than you.
If you’re not making money with your channel i see no reason why you can’t you use it.
You probably downloaded the Sketchup 2017 Pro version witch has a 30 day trial period and after that reverts to Sketchup Make 2017.

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i’m sorry for asking a lot of questions and for bad english:
1-Educational(Animation) videos like
2-i make videos without making money then i gain subscribers then people ask me which software i use, i tell them “Sketchup”
3-you said “If you’re not making money with your channel i see no reason why you can’t you use it.”… that means it’s legal?

I don’t see how the video you linked to is educational. It doesn’t show the viewer how to use SketchUp nor, as far as I can tell, anything else. There seem to be plenty of videos like that on YouTube and I don’t think the world needs more of them but if you want to do that, it’s up to you. As long as you aren’t monetizing the views of your videos (no ads or anything) you should be fine with SketchUp Make. If you are having a difficult time understanding phrases like "If you’re not making money with your channel i see no reason why you can’t you use it.” you should probably employ legal counsel to decipher the terms of use for SketchUp Make.


thanks for replying, i just wanted someone to just say the word “legal” or “illegal” so , please be patient in answering questions.
By the way, the video is an animation for engineers, if you are having a difficult time understanding the purpose of the video.

Forgive me, but is that correct? I recall reading that:

  • SketchUp Pro has a 30-day trial period, after which it stops functioning completely if a valid license is not installed, whereas

  • SketchUp Make (last released in 2017) has a 30-day trial of the Pro features, after which it reverts to the no-cost Make capabilities.

The two products have separate downloadable installer images, and are not interchangeable so to speak.


@TDahl, you’re right, my bad…

ok,please i still need an answer , Is it legal or not?
Is here any one work for SketchUp?

If you want to be 100% sure, don’t ask us, but ask Trimble…

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No sketchup team member will ever specifically answer a question like that. It would be taken as company policy and that won’t happen.
You have to interpret the EULA yourself or have a lawyer check it and give their interpretation, which may or may not be the same as another lawyers interpretation.

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