Monetizing models made with sketchup 2017, with a sketchup shop license?

it is really difficult to find real info on whats allowed to do with the different versions of sketchup, i hope someone can help me

i have been using sketchup for years to make models of houses and apartments mostly, i seriously love it, i can spend days, if not even weeks on a single project! and over the years i have made quite a few, i don’t really use them for anything most of the time they just sit in a folder collecting dust after i’m done, so i’ve been thinking i wanna share them with my patrons on patreon, but i don’t think that’s allowed with 2017? right?

i think i’m gonna get the shop license because i can’t afford the pro and i don’t really need all that stuff, this is not my work, its just a hobby i supposed.

so i guess my question is:
if i get the shop license now can i upload my models made with 2017(and earlier) to my patreon and thus make money of them? or can i one monetize models i make after purchasing the license? and can i continue using 2017 after i get the license?

im also a little confused on how it works if you use assets made by other people? it seems its fine to use them in projects you get payed for as long as they are not the main focus? is that right?

i hope someone knows, i really don’t wanna get in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish there were a basic license for 2017 i could buy, but there isn’t, right?

thank you

I don’t have all the answers but I do know that if you do want a commercial license starting now it will be for the most current version of SketchUp, not 2017. If you do pay for a commercial license you could continue using an outdated version, but I don’t know why you would want to do that.

If you do intend to sell models you create then you need to have a commercial license, that much is obvious. Ideally you had one when you are creating the models themselves but clearly that wasn’t your intention before, understandably.

thank you for replying,
sketchup shop is online only, so i would still maybe want to use 2017 if my internet was down or something like that, plus im so comfortable with my 2017 :stuck_out_tongue: but shop might be so nice i wouldn’t wanna use 2017 again lol

yeah i never planned to sell them, i just love making and and decorating houses :stuck_out_tongue: when i was little had like 20 different doll houses, all in different styles, and now im continuing that in sketchup haha and now i have so many…

i might still not sell the actual models, i will probably make some 2d renders for backgrounds, that my patrons can use in comics or illustrations, that is allowed with the shop license though, right?