All my previous posts are gone!

I haven’t logged into the forum in several months, but now when I did, after upgrading to v. 2019.3 (or whatever the latest version is) I can’t find any of my old topics. This matters because I had over 14,000 messages (in 8 threads of 2,000 messages each) with my collaborator on the RiverArch project and might need to reference back to that history someday.

Perhaps if you log in as Newthinker2

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It’s not allowing me to do so, even when I type that in the UN prompt. It converts it to ssbaker305. Will keep trying…

Most likely, the ‘it’ is your browser auto-filling a saved ID and Password.
Perhaps a little browser maintenance is in order.
Here’s your previous profile:

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I was able to get in after all, but under Newthinking2. I don’t remember creating this account here, but I guess I must have at some point. I’ll go back to the Newthinking2 account now.

Yeah. You must have. According to your profile you started 62 threads and made 320 posts with this profile since you created it on Nov 15, 2016.

Ah, most of my answers have been on the multiple threads started by my SU mentor and project partner, John McClenahan, under Development of the Arch - (1-8).

Glad to see you’ve got access back to our shared threads