All my objects were erased while working on it, pan command is also locked

I’m fairly knew to Sketchup and I could use some help. As the title stated, my drawing was erased and the pan command got locked. I was working on a deck, and when I went to turn the camera to get to the other side, everything in the drawing vanished. I tried to press ctrl z and undo it, but that didn’t work. Then I just tried to see if it somehow moved, from the origin where I started, and then the pan tool stopped working. I can still orbit though.
I updated Sketchup to the newest version, and when I went back into the Sketchup file to see if anything changed, the objects were still gone and my pan command still didn’t work.
All my other drawings in other files are still fine, and I can still make new ones, but I don’t want to lose what I’ve been working on.
Does anyone have a solution?
I’m using Sketchup Pro 2017 on Windows 10 if that helps

Upload the SKP file so we can take a look. Most likely the model is still there.

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Save frequently. SketchUp has an autosave feature at SketchUp > Preferences > General > Autosave. Also, there’s a backup checkbox which can help. Furthermore, you can manually duplicate your important files for backup.


I checked my autosave file and when I manually save every 30-ish minutes, both files were the same as the one I was still working on. However, after updating and restarting my computer and such, the autosave file is gone. I still have the normal file that was saved before the problem, but that still has my drawing vanished.

How would I upload that file to you

Sometimes SketchUp crashes on me and I lose my work. Unfortunately, the only way to get it back is to draw it again.

Upload button:

Decks.skp (685.6 KB)

Hope this helps.

Is this what you wanted?

Yeah, that’s what I was working on. How did you get them to come back?

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Camera > Zoom Extents

Okay thank you so much for your help.

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You’re welcome! I’m glad to help. :grinning:

You should lean to use components in your modeling. I have seen some cases in which SketchUp or the computer crashed and the user “lost” their model. The components they’d made were still in the In Model components library so restoring them was easy. Groups and loose geometry were gone however.

There are other benefits to using components in a model like yours, too.

I do use components sometimes, but I am still learning. I’ve used them for doors and windows for some projects I had. Thanks for your tip though.

If I were drawing your deck examples, I would use components for each part. A component for the joist which gets copied to make the rest of the joists, and another for the boards at the ends. Among other things, that makes editing and resizing the deck a very simple matter.

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