Align two or more objects

Dear people of SU help office.
Despite all examples I was not able to align two objects.
Pls .advice ref. to test drawing.
Thanks for any reply.
test uitlijning1.skp (110.2 KB)

Can you tell us which objects you want and how you want to align them?

Is this what you want?


or this: Align

While @box is dragging the protractor towards the wanted direction, you can hold shift when the protractor is in the wanted plane, or use the arrow keys

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Very good explonation. Geweldig. Easy after some training.
Very useful when you make two objects in different files and have to mate or align later or copieing an object or download from 3D warehouse. Those Will come with an other axes.
Thanks a lot.

Another thing to consider is drawing them in place to begin with. That saves you work in putting them together later.

Dave you are right.
Working an object with many parts and separate files to save each part is beter to prevent losing the whole file.
But copies and 3D warehouse items should be aligned most time.
How ever thanks you all for this and all previous help.
Busy with this stove garden heater.

I wouldn’t agree with that. I work with models that sometimes have hundreds of parts but I still create them in the same model. I’ve never had any problems with losing my work. And I use parts I’ve drawn as references for the dimensions of parts I am drawing next. This results in less work, I don’t need to know as many dimensions to draw the model, and I find it less likely to induce errors. Fortunately there are different ways to work so if you prefer to create separate files for each part and combine them, you can do that.

blijven oefenen :slight_smile:

Toppie :+1: bedankt. Albert

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