How to align one object to another

I am trying to find a solution to aligning one object to another.
I have used the curic align tool which is great. However both objects move.
How can i move one to the other center horizontal, vertical top bottom etc.?

Use Move and Rotate tools.

If you attach a model with an example file we can show you how.
I think you are using Pro but your profile still show the web version. Please correct your profile so we don’t have to ask as instructions can be very different from pro to web.

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Ok I figured out how to change my profiled to pro. I did not even know that was optional.
I have attached an example of what i trying to achieve.

align these.skp (346.4 KB)

One method.
GIF 5-04-2022 11-03-53 PM

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Of course Box shows the most direct way of moving using inferencing which you should practice. If you knew you were going to want the cylinder centered on the square block you could also just model it there in the first place and save the Move step.

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And if you want to learn to use Curic Align for this case


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