Align tool in SU?

I want to move these handles perpendicular to these cabinet doors, but I have foolishly rotated the doors…

Is there a sound method (or plugin) for this challenge (aligning objects to other object not on primary axes)?

You should be able to rotate them to match the angle of the doors. Or temporarily rotate the doors back to make aligning the handles easier and then rotate the doors with the handles. If you are going to rotate the handles to align with the doors as they are, lock the rotation axis to blue by hitting the Up arrow key. I would move the handle so the end of the post is on the door surface and then rotate the handle about the point of contact.


If you made the pull component with gluing properties, it could just snap onto the surface no matter what angle the surface is at.

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You could also make them Glue to Components and then they can be placed on the door at any angle and move with it.


Thank you!

Just change your model’s axes to align with the open door, fix the handle, and reset the axes back to the way they were. Menu: Tools-> Axes command and play with it a bit.
I have to do this anytime I work on a building with weird angles.


Thanks. Haven’t quite figured out how that feature works but that method seems promising…

Thank you!