Unable to place an object

Hi everyone!
I am new to this forum. could anyone please help me with the following.
I have the following issue I just can’t find a solution to.
I am trying to edit a kitchen unit door from a plugin by moving the handle to the opposite side of the door. at 1st it would not align where I want it. I then managed to resolve this by placing markers from the measure tool. It now hovers where I want it although when I click to place it, it hides behind the door surface. I tried to upload a video but the file is too big.


Attaching the model is usually more useful, we can then look at the geometry and see what the issue is.
But it sounds like the handle is a component that has glue to properties which are causing it to behave in a way you don’t expect.

Often the most efficient way to change the handedness of a door would be to mirror the whole door (with right-click>Flip along… or a mirror plugin). Post the model if you can.

Right click and “unglue”

Thanks guys here’s the model. I have had to lower the file size by purging. not sure if that’s the right way to go about it.
47 Thornury latest.skp (5.7 MB)