Align text with direction of leader?

I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to make it so that if you your leader is going from left to right (with text to the right), that it automatically aligns it to the right? And vise versa with the other side. About 50% of the time I place a leader with text, I have to change the alignment. It would be great if LayOut could detect this, or if you could set it as a preference.

Can you show an example?

An important word that I missed there was DIMENSION leader. Not just a regular leader, though I feel like that happens as well. I’ve shown what I mean in this video here. The gap between the text and leader is not so dramatic here, but sometimes it appears as a bigger gap and my preference is to have it tight to the leader.
Dim Leader Example

Ah… I see. There’s not an automatic way to make that happen but it seems like a good feature request. I guess I’ve never needed to or bothered to change the justifcation for dimensions with leaders but I can see how it could be useful for some folks.

You should make this a feature request.

Here’s a better example of what I mean. It’s the fact that it doesn’t detect the change in direction of the leader and change the justification.

I will make the suggestion. Thanks Dave.

Dim Leader Example 2

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Hey partner!

scrapbooks are the easiest way to get close to automatic.

I can run all my dimensions and then use the eyedropper to correct text position. Your showing me examples that I need to include in my scrapbook now.

edit: I will add that the eyedropper tool will not move the dim to the position you want it. It will only copy the styles…text justification, size, font style, and the line styles.