Align inserted viewport to grid

Hey, Is there a way to default the shape and alignment of an inserted viewport with the grid / margins (rather than centre of the page)?

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 10.25.24

Create a template.

At @mihai.s wrote, you could create a custom template for this. Use a viewport from a proxy SketchUp file that is set up as you want on the page. Then when you want to start a new project, open the template and in File>Document Setup>References relink the proxy SketchUp file to your project. You can have multiple viewports set up across multiple sheets if you want. The key is to make sure all of the scenes in your project use the same names as the ones in the proxy SketchUp file. Here is an example from one of my templates. It has three viewports on the page.

Perfect, thanks for the advice.

You’re welcome.

By the way, you’ll want to make sure that you are putting the viewport on the correct layer in LayOut. In your screenshot you have the viewport on an “On Every Page” layer. Note the maroon bounding box. Doing that means the same viewport will be displayed on every page. Normally you’ll want different viewports on different pages.

While you are in the rocess of creating your LayOut template, create layers for viewports, annotations, and dimensions, as well as other content. The layers list for the template I showed looks like this.
Screenshot - 11_15_2023 , 7_09_23 AM
The ‘Model’ layer is active (pencil icon), the blue square under the pencil says the selected content is on that layer. ‘Art Text’ (annotations) and ‘Dimensions’ are at the top of the list so that the text is on top. All of my title block type content along with page borders and page numbers are on the layers at the bottom of the list and they are locked. Any content on those layers that needs to be edited for the project gets edited in Document Setup>Auto Text. The icons in the far right column indicate shared or not shared layer setting. On every page is used for content that must appear exactly the same on each sheet.

Thanks Dave,

I just created a new file just to show how the insert model aligns with the page and not the grid / margins. I use layers as you describe, but I don’t separate out models, dimensions etc. Thanks for the extra detail - that will definitely speed up my workflow :+1:

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