Is it possible to insert a new Sketchup file in to an existing layout doc and keep the labels?

Hopefully, my title really covers what I’m looking for…I have an existing Layout File and it’s fully labelled (which took about 1.5hrs so not the end of the world if I have to repeat but equally I don’t want to waste my time). I then wanted to make changes to the drawing. I’d really love to insert the new sketchup file and align it to the labels of the existing file and edit the labels where necessary. Is this possible? I have tried inserting the new file but the labels will not go on top of it (they hide underneath).


If all your labels are on the same layer as the viewports, when you insert a new model, the viewport will insert on top of the existing entities. When you insert a new label it goes on top of what is already there, too. You could right click on the viewport and choose Arrange>Send to back but it would be better if you would use layers properly. Make a layer for labels that is higher in the list than the layer on which your viewports reside. Then the labels will not be hidden by the viewports at all.

DaveR - once again to the rescue! Thanking you kindly, that has saved me some time :slight_smile:

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Happy to help.

I would suggest at least before your next project that you make a template in LayOut. Create at least these layer in this order:

Page borders, titleblocks, etc.

I use quite a few more layers in my templates.

Set the Model layer to be active when you save the template. Then, when you use Send to LayOut in SketchUp, the viewport will be on the proper layer.